2021 Elections will be held on November 9, 2021, at our in person training conference.

This will be at 140 Glory Road, China Grove, North Carolina, at Sloan Lake Community Church, following the training.

With CoVid gathering restrictions lifted, and in accordance with our constitution, the following applies:



Section 1.

Election of Officers shall be held annually at the Fall Conference each year in November. Officers-elect shall serve as non voting members of the board until they are installed at the Annual Meeting during the month of January.  The presiding Board of Directors will insure that the officers-elect are schooled in and fully briefed in their positions prior to their installation. The officers-elect shall be included in all board activities and discussions until they are installed in office at the Annual Meeting.  Elections shall be by secret ballot.

Section 2.

The term of office for all officers will be one year, from the Installation of Officers in January to the following January.

Section 3.

Only Principal Members in good standing shall be eligible for election to office. All candidates for office shall be licensed as either a private investigator or a private investigator associate and have been licensed for a minimum of 2 years. Candidates shall also have been a member of the association for a minimum of 2 years and have been active within the association in some manner during the 12 months prior to running for office. A private investigator associates shall also have permission from his sponsor to run as a candidate for any office.  No member shall simultaneously hold office in this ASSOCIATION and serve on the Private Protective Services Board.

Section 4.

Only Principal Members in good standing shall vote in any election. There will be no absentee ballots, nor voting by proxy or representation, and only those eligible members present and voting at the time of the election shall have their ballots counted. All voting shall be done by written ballots.

Section 5.

The Board of Directors shall appoint an Elections Committee consisting of an odd number of members in good standing and having a minimum of three (3) members at least ninety (90) days prior to the annual election. This Committee shall organize and conduct the election of officers at the Fall Conference.

Section 6.

The ELECTIONS COMMITTEE shall nominate willing to serve Principal Members for each office. Any member in good standing may also nominate themselves to run for office by making their intentions known to the Elections Committee. All Candidates must make their intentions to run for a office known thirty (30)  days before election of officers is held. All Candidates for office shall have renewed their annual membership dues at the time of making their intentions known that they are running for a NCAPI office. There will be no nominations made from the floor during the elections. A person running for the office of President who is not elected may run for the office of Vice President by making their intentions known without the need for a motion or a second.

Section 7.

Except as otherwise provided in the By-Laws, any vacancy on the Board of Directors shall be filled by the Board of Directors; and any vacancy on any Committee shall be filled by that Committee's Chairman with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.

Section 8.

The four Vice Presidential nominees who receive the most votes will be seated.

Section 9.

In the event there are no nominees for a position on the Board of Directors, the PRESIDENT may, with the advice and consent of the present Board Members, appoint an Principal Member, who consents to the appointment, to fill the vacant position.