NCAPI Discussion Board

NCAPI Discussion Board

First, I would like to apologize to all that received an inappropriate forum post the other day.  Please know that this was posted by a member and steps have been taken to ensure that this does not happen again.

The forum is a place to ask questions and share jobs.  It is for Principal and Affiliate members use.

The guidelines for the forum are listed below.   If anyone has questions, please email me personally.

Thanks for your support of the NCAPI.


Gary Pastor  –   NCAPI President


Group Description

This group is for members of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators. To post in this blog/ listserve, you must be a member of the NCAPI.
Applications for NCAPI may be found at

Here we can discuss issues that pertain to PI’s in North Carolina. You may ask NCAPI members for information or assistance. You can send out information or let the members know about work that you need assistance with.

This is going to be an unmoderated group so that the information gets to everyone quickly. However, if you violate the rules of the group, you will be warned privately the first time, If you continue to violate the rules of the group you will be removed from this listserve.

Please follow these group rules for our listserve:

1) Please use signatures lines on all posts.

2) Please respond to any discussion privately to the sender.

3) No reposting of other member’s messages without their approval.

4) No spamming, jokes, flaming, profanity, obscenity, libelous comments, and no personal attacks of any kind are allowed on this listserve.

5) Posting of advertisements or solicitations of any nature are not allowed. Only NCAPI sponsored events and classes maybe posted on this listserve, exceptions to this rule maybe granted only by approval of the NCAPI Board of Directors and are handled on a case by case basis. To obtain approval contact a member of the NCAPI Board of Directors.

***NCAPI Members who are instructors may post their classes once per week on Wednesday only. No member may post for any none member without the approval of the NCAPI Board of Directors.

6) Postings promoting other listserves are not allowed with express consent of the NCAPI Board of Directors.

7) Members of the listserve are asked to re-introduce themselves periodically and any specialties they have.